New Book: The Ideas-Informed Society

New book explores why we need an ideas-informed society to shape a better future 

The Ideas-Informed Society: Why We Need It and How to Make It Happen

Chris Brown and Graham Handscomb

Publication: 28th Sept 2023

ISBN: 9781837530137, Emerald Books

“Ideas matter because they break the hold of status quos.” Sir Anthony Seldon

With a foreword by Sir Anthony Seldon, The Ideas-Informed Society, explores how, to thrive, society needs citizens who actively engage in new ideas.  Particularly as western societies find themselves in the midst of environmental, social and political crises in a volatile world.

Academics Chris Brown and Graham Handscomb argue that being ideas-informed ensures that people are better positioned to make beneficial decisions and achieve personal fulfilment and improved wellbeing.  Citizens with a broad understanding of scientific and technological advances, cultural developments and political events are better placed to improve their own lives and society as a whole. As well as leading to effective choice-making, being ideas-informed can lead to widespread support for progressive beliefs, such as social justice.

The book has chapter contributions from a range of prominent folk and thinkers, drawn from a wide range of society.  These include a number with URC and Free Church connections such as: Rev Fiona Thomas; Revd, Canon Helen Cameron Moderator of the Free Churches Group; Sir Les Ebdon; and Professor Graham Handscomb, Convenor of the Stepwise development and Chair the Free Churches national Education Committee).

Through the perspectives of a diverse range of expert contributors, including Sir Paul Collier; Paul Lindley OBE, Iain King CBE, Sam Fowles and Valerie Hannon, The Ideas-Informed Society explores ideas around free speech, entrepreneurship, education, the arts, the environment, the role of parliament and local communities.    

Presenting concepts from academia, industry, and practice, The Ideas-Informed Society closes the gap between the ideal of the ideas-informed society and our current reality.  The book conceives what an ideas-informed society might look like, how to make it a reality and what threatens its existence.