Communion Training

Three training courses have been arranged for Elders current are currently authorised to preside at communion or whose church meeting wishes them to be authorised to preside at communion, whether in church or on home visits. If this applies to you or someone in your church please pass the dates on to them.

13th April 2pm at Synod offices

1st June 1.30pm in Ipswich

20th July 2pm at the Hive Basildon

If you have been previously authorised, you are asked to take a refresher course every 3-5 years.

To book a space please contact

Please note: Training and authorisation for presidency at Communion and Baptism are distinct. Authorisation to preside at one does not automatically mean authorisation to preside at the other. Do please get in touch if your church meeting wishes you to be authorised for baptisms.