Church Secretaries Network

The work of a Church Secretary is vital, serving the church and helping to enable its mission. I know the work is demanding and sometimes frustrating! The Church Secretaries network is an informal supportive network to exchange ideas and offer support and advice to each other.

You are very welcome to join our church secretaries network zoom on the 2nd April at 7pm.

There is no commitment, pop on to the zoom sessions as often  or as infrequently as you want the link is always the same. This is a space to support each other, where those new to role can ask questions, and those who have been in the role longer can pass on what they have learnt.

Last time we talked about the Joys and the Burdens of being a church secretary and if you are interested you can see what we came up at the bottom of this post. This month we are going to talk about all things worship, be that pulpit supply, communion, vacancy/sabbatical worship, elders leading, or anything else!

Meeting ID: 876 6258 8126 Passcode: 369475

If you can’t make it this month The next meeting will be 7th May 7pm

Best things about being a Church Secretary – 

  • Knowing  what’s going on (hopefully) 
  • Being able to serve your church 
  • Privilege to get to know people 
  • Being the synod rep has a good synergy in term of seeing the bigger picture 

Challenges of  being a Church Secretary 

  • It’s a heavy job when there is no minister especially now with mission partnerships  
  • It’s a very different job in an LEP and difficult to find support as each denomination works differently 
  • People think you are the boss 
  • The Annual returns are quite a burden 
  • Hard to get people to see the bigger picture 
  • The other jobs – Pulpit supply  / Weekly newsletter 
  • Record keeping 
  • Rota’s 
  • Challenges of small and ageing congregations