Call for Nominations: GA Moderator

The General Assembly will elect one individual, who will serve alone for one year.  However, in order to mitigate against a perception that Elders struggle to be elected, each Synod may make up to two nominations each year, up to one Elder AND up to one Minister of W&S/CRCW.  Synods may make a nomination in either category, both categories, or not at all.  The Assembly will elect one individual from the full list of whoever is nominated by all the Synods. 

The current rules state that candidates should NOT be approached to seek their permission before their name goes before a Synod.  This may seem counterintuitive, but has been a longstanding rule because over the years experience has shown that almost all candidates if asked, “can we ask Synod to nominate you?” will say no, whereas when the General Secretary approaches someone to say that a Synod has nominated them this tends to be considered in a different sense of call.  However, no personal information about a candidate whatsoever can be shared without their consent.  The information printed in the URC Year Book is public, so that can always be shared freely.  The rules also state that this item of business is undertaken without debate.

Deadline for submission of nominations to the Synod Clerk: Saturday, 3rd February, 2024